Hokite Services Private Limited is a company established in 2014 and it is registered under Ministry Of Corporate Affairs, India in 2015. Company did various projects on freelancing and developed commercial products. Hokite launches its best product Subhprice.com in 2015.

Subhprice.com is a way to help confused shopper to buy product. Products are suggested to the buyer based on his/ her queries. Products are suggested to shopper and they can choose among old and new products as per their budgets. For new product separate section of coupon and deals is available for giving customer maximum benefit. Apart from it a section of cashback is also available and user can take a benefit of it.


Vaibhav Tyagi (Co-Founder)

He is a Computer Science graduate  from Jaypee Noida, and works on various projects. He is very good in logical and critical thinking to generate nodes between real world situation and imagination. Vaibhav handles logic designing, marketing, management, SEO and other things related to Hokite (startup) company.

Abhishek (Co-Founder)

After getting technical education from Jaypee, Noida in computer science department, he wants to explore un -turned pages. So for this reason he starts coding madly and as being the result of it he is fully included into development and designing work of Product. He is also knee to do rest but he gives his task to machine and let it do for him.